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Dominate the Web

Dominate the Web  is a local Digital Agency that is focused on one thing, the only thing:  Making businesses more money!

We don’t do SEO (old school), we don’t care about print or radio or TV or billboards or Valpak.  We don’t focus on Facebook (do you care what so and so had for lunch or what they ordered at Starbucks?)

We put your business in front of the people that are searching for Your Service, right now.

Think about it.  When somebody searches Google for: “Lawncare Near Me” or “A/C repair near me” or “Kids Braces Near Me”, or “Auto Repair Near Me”, that person is probably looking for those services now or in the very near future.   They are putting their hand up and saying: “I need this product or service now!”

We put your business at the top of the page, (and in front of your competition) with our User Intent PPC Search process. 

Our main goal is to get you at least a 2:1 ROI on your marketing.

If we cant do that, then you wont have to fire us.  We will fire ourselves.

 Everybody talks the talk, but when was the last time your local marketing rep offered to pay for your marketing out of pocket?

Our Vision

Is Simple:

Provide our clients A MINIMUM 2:1 ROI

That’s It.

That’s All.

We like to keep things simple, (as you may have noticed)



We are a local business that is focused on local businesses.

And our focus is singular. Getting you a great ROI on your marketing. 

We focus on 1 main thing: Google PPC  (Youtube User Intent Campaigns coming soon)

And we do it better then anybody on the planet. 

We visualize your advertising goals and assist you with making money this week, without investing a single penny in advance. 

In a world swarming with digital marketing agencies, we cut to the chase and make your local brand stand out.

We ensure that you get in front of the people looking for your service now! 


We make businesses money.  Plan and Simple.

We aren’t going to bore you with stats, and charts, and digital marketing lingo.

The bottom line is the bottom line.

And, we put our money, literally, where our mouth is.


We start by having a quick conversation with our potential clients.  To understand your business and to get to know you.

If we agree to take you on as a client, then we go to work immediately to create your PPC campaign.  

For the first week, we work for you for FREE! 

No charge to set up your campaign.

No charge to manage your campaign.

And we even pay for your Adspend out of our own pocket!

No contracts and no credit card needed.  

If you like the results then you have to start paying us!!!

If not, then we will probably call your competition (kidding….)




A Cost Effective Way To Increase Your Bottom Line.

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Meet The Team

 Jim Martzall

Dominate The Web is founded and run by Jim Martzall. Its sole purpose is to grow local businesses by using an innovative Leads First, Pay Later approach to lead generation. Jim started his first company in 1996 and has built, managed, and sold several companies since then. He considered himself an entrepreneur and tech geek.


Mursaleen Khan

This is Mursaleen Khan. He is Certified Google Adwords- Pay-Per-Click & Display Ads certified expert with 3+ years of experience in Google Adwords PPC campaigns.

 He has a successful track record of making online campaigns hugely profitable.



 Haris Sheikh

Haris Sheikh has vast experience in content and copywriting, WordPress design, and backend management. 

He possesses skills in a variety of digital tools including e-commerce and SEO to develop functional, clean,  and high-converting websites as per the client’s business needs and requirements.



To begin with, we sit with you over a cup of coffee to understand your business objectives.
We then, deep-dive into your business to find the perfect ROI-driven strategy for your brand.


Our key driver for the results is customer engagement.
We use smart PPC tools to enhance brand growth effectively in order to maximize lead generation.


Effective lead generation is what its all about.
More leads means more money in your business.
And means less money in your competitors pocket.


Optimization of your website is an important step in your lead generation. For most of your leads it will be their first impression of your business. We believe in keeping sites clean, simple, responsive and informative.

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Digital Marketing

Dominate the Web is a results-driven digital marketing solution venture  focusing their interests on local businesses. Lead generation is the thing we provide for free. First, you get the leads.  Then, once you monetize them, you will pay us moving forward to get more leads.  We believe in the result-driven approach where the leads will determine future action. We are not a typical digital marketing agency, we believe in giving results first, then our clients pay us moving forward from the profits they generate. In the beginning, we are going to pay for the customers’ ad campaigns for lead generation. We help you grow your business. Reach out to us and discuss your project.

Web Designing and Development

Have a site?   Great

Need a site?  Also great.

Have a site that needs some help?  No problem.

Add Value To Your Ads, Enhance your ROI And Dominate your Competition!


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